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5 Best Wilmington Wedding Venues for World-Class Photography

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The quiet and idyllic port city of Wilmington, Delaware, is an aspiring photographer's dream. From quiet farmhouses to sprawling world-class hotels dotted along the majestic Cape Fear River, Wilmington has everything you would ever want or need to have a dream wedding, complete with some of the most picturesque venues for wedding photography to be found anywhere.

This article will showcase five of the most beautiful wedding venues in Wilmington for photography. We will go over a brief overview of each venue, discuss what makes each place special both for couples getting married and for wedding photographers, and we’ll sum up the highlights of each location so that you can frame the very best shots for your next wedding portfolio piece.

Waterfall Banquets

The waterfall banquets

Waterfall Banquets is, without a doubt, one of the most elegant wedding venues in Wilmington. Featuring two opulent ballrooms, gorgeous outdoor spaces, a stunning glass atrium, and so much more, any photographer would have a field day at The Waterfall. The highlight of any visit to Waterfall Banquets has got to be the two magnificent ballrooms. Let’s take a closer look at both ballrooms so that you can

pick the perfect one for your next world-class

wedding photography gig.

The Grand Ballroom

With ample room for up to 500 guests, The Waterfalls Grand Ballroom is sure to impress anyone who enters. With grandiose 14-foot ceilings, imposing Roman marble columns, stunning crystal chandeliers, and one of the largest, most elegant dance floors in Delaware, the Grand Ballroom at the Waterfall is the perfect place to capture some truly inspiring wedding shots. The Grand Ballroom

patio is another highlight and offers photographers the chance to capture the perfect moment in front of The Waterfalls' namesake signature cascading waterfall.

The Cascade Ballroom

The highlight of any wedding photographer's portfolio, the Cascade Ballroom at the Waterfall, may well be the very best wedding venue in all of Delaware and is certainly one of the best venues for wedding photographers anywhere in the country. The gorgeous arched French doors, generous 14-foot ceilings, and hand-carved marble dance floor are sure to provide plenty of inspiration, and the regal outdoor garden is an ideal place to capture some candid moments of the happy couple and up to 325 guests.

  • Roman marble columns

  • Crystal chandeliers

  • Arched French doors

  • The hand-carved marble dance floor

  • The glass atrium

  • 14-foot ceilings

  • Stunning garden

  • Both ballrooms

Whether you want to have your dream wedding at Waterfall Banquets, or you are a photographer who is interested in the venue, be sure to check their website for more information, pictures, and contact information.

Deerfield Golf Club

deerfield reception

Set amongst the picturesque grounds of the beautiful White Clay Creek State Park, the Deerfield Golf Club is not only one of the countries premiere golf destinations, but it is also a wedding photographer's dream come true. Those who are lucky enough to have their wedding at Deerfield are guaranteed to have a fairy tale day, and with all of the beautiful natural features at the venue, the wedding pictures are sure to be magnificent.

With stately architecture, and a ton of timeless, elegant column features, the tasteful décor at Deerfield is truly exquisite. Inside, the newlyweds and up to 500 guests can enjoy a magnificent ballroom with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and stepping outside; guests will be wowed with the inspiring natural setting that is White Clay Creek. Any wedding photographer will be spoiled with choice when it comes to setting up shots and capturing world-class photos at Deerfield.


  • Elegant columns

  • Sprawling golf course views

  • Magnificent ballroom

  • White Clay Creek

  • Stately architecture

deerfield outdoor reception

To make wedding reservations or photography inquiries at Deerfield Golf Club, be sure to visit their website for the most up-to-date information; you can also view photos and learn more about the club online.

Bellevue Hall

bellevue hall

One of the most lavish and elegant manor houses in Delaware, maybe in the whole country, Bellevue Hall is a dream setting for the perfect fairy tale wedding; it also happens to be a paradise for wedding photographers. With a spectacular formal garden, rolling sculpted lawns, imposing marble columns, grand fireplaces, and one of the most sophisticated and decadent libraries you'll ever see, stepping

into Bellevue Hall feels like you just arrived at Downton Abbey circa 1912.

Originally completed in 1855, Bellevue Hall has been beautifully maintained, with many of the original features still looking as grand and opulent as they did the day they were built. The grandiose dining room and breathtaking grand foyer make particularly great photo ops, but make no mistake about it, anywhere you look at Bellevue Hall, you will be presented with an inspiring view worthy of even the best wedding photographers.


  • Formal garden

  • Rolling lawns

  • Grand fireplaces

  • Decadent marble columns

  • Impressive dining room

  • The Library

Bellevue Hall is one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Delaware, and as such, bookings fill up fast; that said, if you have your heart set on this stunning venue for a ceremony, reception, or for photography, then make sure that you visit their website and get in touch with Bellevue Hall today.

The Farmhouse Wilmington

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In contrast to the formal ambiance and decadent grounds of Bellevue Hall, The Farmhouse is a quaint, charming countryside venue that makes for amazing, unforgettable weddings and even better photos. The endearing outdoor spaces are dotted with old-growth willow trees, and the wooden pergola is truly a special place. Inside The Farmhouse features lofty ceilings, gorgeous window features, and a ton of skylights that light the scene with the setting sun.

The massive, sprawling deck is a perfect place to snap some world-class shots with a backdrop that’s second to none, and the dining room for up to 190 guests provides an opportunity to frame some very interesting shots. The Private lounge is another room that you don't want to miss. All things considered, if you love good old-fashioned Americana and picturesque country charm, then the Farmhouse Wilmington is a dream wedding venue.


  • Lofty ceilings

  • Window features

  • Skylights

  • Beautiful dining room

  • The private lounge

  • Outdoor spaces

  • The Willow trees

In order to truly appreciate The Farmhouse, you should visit their website, where you can see photos, videos and learn more about everything on offer at this stunning wedding venue.

The Barn at Cauffiel

The Barn at Cauffiel

Originally a Swedish farm settlement dating back all the way to the 1630s, The Barn at Cauffiel is a country estate par-excellence. The colonial-revival style residence is replete with many of the fixtures installed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, making a visit to the Barn a dream come true for those who love period estates and vintage old-world charm. The house even features many of the furnishings installed at the turn of the 20th century, so photographers – take note.


Featuring a lavish formal dining room, airy sun-kissed porches, lawns that seem to go on forever, and enchanting gardens. The Barn at Cauffiel boats everything a couple could want in a wedding venue and

everything a photographer could want as a backdrop to their next viral portfolio piece. The highlight is, of course, the namesake barn itself, which proves in dramatic fashion that “sophisticated” and “rustic” need not be mutually exclusive.


  • 19th and 20th-century furnishings

  • Original and restored features

  • Impressive gardens

  • Lavish dining room

  • The airy porches

  • The barn

If you want to have your wedding at The Barn at Cauffiel, then be sure to check out their website and get in contact with somebody from the venue directly.

Wilmington is the Perfect Place for

World-Class Wedding Photos


No matter what style of wedding photography you prefer, one thing is certain, Wilmington is a dream come true for both those looking to tie the knot, as well as those who pride themselves on capturing the special day with a camera.

Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a seasoned professional, the five wedding venues mentioned above will surely provide you with the perfect backdrop to capture some world-class shots.

No matter which of the venues you choose, you will be guaranteed to get countless fantastic photo opportunities and have a day that you’ll never forget; best of all, your portfolio will get a striking makeover as you showcase Wilmington’s finest.

To learn more, see pictures, make inquiries, or reserve any of the venues outlined in this article, then be sure to visit their respective websites for more information.

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