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How it Works

Step by step

Here's how we do things around here!

(And it's a piece of cake)


We are so excited to get the chance to work together on your special day! Once you fill out our contact form we'll get back to you ASAP so we can choose a time to chat. We can talk on the phone, face-to-face over Zoom, or arrange a time to meet over coffee or tea!

From getting an idea of what wedding dreams you have in mind, taking that first step and filling out our contact form, all the way through creating a perfect package for your big day - we’re here with you every step of the way.


Be sure to take advantage of our list of recommended vendors and our 160+ Page Ultimate Wedding Planner that we'll send over; it's full with amazing ideas & resources just right for putting those dream plans into motion!

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wedding rings

Once you’re booked into our calendar,

it’s important that you’re comfortable with us and feel like you can let loose in front of our cameras. And we want to be comfortable with you too! That’s the only way to make some photo magic together.


So we'll start planning your engagement session and send you our preferred vendors list. Let your soon-to-be married status sink in! At our engagement session, we’ll focus on having fun and getting to know each other even better. You’ll get around 100 beautiful photos of you and your partner and learn what to expect on your wedding day.


We've seen our fair share of weddings, so we're here to answer any questions that come up. We're on your team, and will give our all to support you throughout the whole process.

Emily & Andy's Wedding at Manayunk Brewi



The day we’ve all been waiting for!

We'll stay by your side and provide any support needed while also capturing every special moment.

For the most part, we'll let you do your thing without stepping in to pose you and your loved ones. This is the best way to get some real gems that offer authentic imagery that you’ll want to hold on to for the long haul.


That being said, we will 100% guide you when it's time for posed photos and group shots. We'll give plenty of direction and tell you exactly what to do with your hands.

Kellyn & Malachi's Wedding in Green Lane
philly wedding photos

Within 4-8 weeks after your big day, you'll get sneak peeks before we send you all of your photos in your private online gallery where you can download them in

big, beautiful full resolution and order prints.


If you opted for one of our photo albums personalized to you both, we'll guide you with choosing your top 60 photos and promptly ship your album to you to swoon over all the magical memories.

Let the good times roll

Every wedding

package includes:

• Planning Assistance
• 160+ Page Wedding Planner

• Engagement Session
• Two Photographers
• Digital Gallery

• Printing Rights

• 2 Year Photo Backup

We have a variety of coverage options so no matter your situation, we got you. After our initial consultation, we’ll work together to choose what’s right for you so you can go into your wedding day feeling confident. With a mix of beautifully curated photos and genuine candids, you’ll be able to relive your favorite memories over and over again.


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