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There's So Much to Say About Longwood Gardens

It's a magical destination that offers something for everyone: from formal gardens and fountains, to peaceful forestscapes and meadows - there's even an indoor option if you're worried about weather.

After your session why not stay for dinner? Their sit down restaurant is fantastic with delicious dishes - an ideal way to end this perfect day!

It should be noted that after a recent policy change at Longwood, photoshoots there now cost $250.

Brea & Travis Engagement at Longwood Gar

The Hard Truth About Longwood Gardens

While it's hard not to love Longwood, there are a few downsides. If you're looking to have your pet included in the photos, Longwood Gardens may not be for you. Changing outfits can also be tricky - if they let you bring them inside it's great but carrying around clothes isn't super practical with how much walking is also necessary at Longwood.

Longwood Gardens is an expansive wonderland of beauty, but you’re guaranteed to find its grounds bustling with people. While I won't block anyone's way as we shoot, there may be times where I request that my clients hold a specific pose while passersby wander through the background and out of frame. In the final photos you'll rarely see anyone else but the two of you as we work hard to make it seem like we were the only ones really there!

Emily & Andy's Engagement at Longwood Ga

Longwood Will Always Hold a Special Place In Our Hearts

Personally, my family and I would go to Longwood when I was young, especially around the holidays to have breakfast with Santa and see the festive lights.


Longwood is a great choice of destination no matter the occasion, and we always love touring the grounds with couples capturing the natural chemistry Longwood is so good at promoting. We think an understanding of the location's unique characteristics beforehand provides a more pleasant experience overall.

Amar & Apurva's Surprise Engagement at L

Amber & Aaron

Amber & Aaron's Engagement at Longwood G

Meghan & Scott

Meghan & Scott's Engagement at Longwood


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