We're Jack & Angela and we're travelers, hikers, creatives, cat-parents, and constantly looking for the next story to tell. We love trying new things and meeting new people, so get in touch!

Jack grew up in West Chester, PA, and has been photographing since 2017. Coming from a marketing and commercial photography background, Jack has worked with local and national businesses, your neighborhood couples, professionals, and party-goers. From the most intimate of weddings to meaningful milestones, celebrating the moment and creating memories are what Jack loves the most about photography. 

Jack & Angela got their start traveling together and have been inseparable since. They found a love for adventure and chase it as often as they can. They currently live right between Philadelphia and Wilmington with their three cats, Frank, Charlie, and Clementine. 

Angela is from Atlantic City, NJ, and has a professional background in beauty. She's a photographer and enjoys posing in front of the lens as well. With a green thumb, she tends to the 60+ plants in their home and is the owner of Bouquet Casting Co. Angela combined her love for crafts and celebrating love by preserving bridal bouquets in timeless resin art pieces. 



This is Frank.

Frank is a fuzzy Himalayan with a talented eye for finding cozy hideaways to curl up in and have a good nap. For the other 6 hours of the day he's awake, Frank enjoys exploring the garden, staring warily at ceiling fans, and playing with his little brother Charlie and sister Clementine. While Frank doesn't accompany us to our sessions, he's always with us in mind and heart.



Why wedding photography?

Truth is, I just love photography. Specifically, portraiture and the room for creativity that wedding photography allows. Since I started taking pictures I loved how it pushed me out of my comfort zone to meet new people, try new things, and go new places. Having the opportunity to work with happy couples to celebrate a huge milestone in their lives is an honor, and there is no story more timeless than a story of love. 

What other photography do you do?

Aside from wedding & portrait photography, I love travel and nature photography. Angela and I take every opportunity we can to travel and create content. You can find my travel photography in the links below and also on sites like Flickr, DeviantArt, and elsewhere.


Want to see more of my work?

Instagram - @jack_demaio


What gear do you use?

We use Canon, DJI, Godox, and other industry-standard brands.


- Canon 6D Mk. II


- Canon 85mm f/1.2

- Canon 11-24mm f/4

- Canon Macro 100mm f/2.8


- Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite

- Godox AD200

- Godox Xpro trigger

- Other various lights


- DJI Ronin RS2


- DJI Mavic Pro 2